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Installation Lodge Tarbolton (Kilwinning) St. James No. 135

On 2nd December 2023 Brother Stuart William Baird was installed as Right Worshipful Master at Lodge Tarbolton (Kilwinning) St James No. 135.

RWM Bro. Stuart William Baird

This auspicious occasion garnered the presence of Substitute Provincial Grand Master Brother John Muir accompanied by a large delegation of Brethren from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire.

RWM Bro. Baird with Installing Masters and PGLA Deputation headed by Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. John Muir

Leading the ceremony were Installing Masters Bros. Danny Baird, William Lindsay, and Graham McCrone, all distinguished Past Masters of Lodge St James.

IM Bro. William Lindsay PM, RWM Bro. Stuart William Baird, IM Bro. Danny Baird PM and

IM Bro. Graham McCrone PM

Notably, the Installation held profound significance for Installing Master Danny Baird PM, as he proudly bestowed the honour upon his son for the first time. Also gracing the event were Bro. Daniel Baird and Bro. Robert Baird, the RWM's brother and cousin.

RWM Baird with his cousin, Bro. Robert Baird, father Bro. Danny Baird PM and his brother, Bro. Daniel Baird

Following the completion of the ceremony, the Lodge hall transformed into a venue of conviviality, hosting a harmonious gathering that drew Brethren from both within and beyond the Province including three esteemed guests from Denmark.

The festivities unfolded with numerous toasts and engaging entertainment provided by the Brethren, ensuring an unforgettable evening.

The Festive Board

Brother Muir extended heartfelt congratulations to RWM Baird and his Office-bearers expressing sincere wishes for their success during their term of office.

Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. John Muir

In response, RWM Baird conveyed gratitude to all attendees and pledged unwavering service to the Lodge and its Brethren in the coming year.



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