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Latest News and Events from around the province

Autumn Divine Service

The autumn Provincial Divine Service was held at Mauchline Parish Church on 29 October 2023.

A large number of Brethren were in attendance from within and outwith the province.

The RWPGM Bro. James Bell led the procession, followed by Bro. David Pattison, RWM of Lodge St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No 133 who read from scripture during the service.

Bro. Neil Mitchell, Provincial Grand Treasurer

Bro. James Jamieson, newly installed RWM of Lodge St John No. 497.

Bro. Archibald Chalmers, Past Provincial Grand Master

Bro. William Connell, Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden, and Bro. Colin McCormick, Provincial Grand Senior Deacon.

Bro. Robert Little, Past Provincial Grand Master with Bro. Andrew Millar, RWPGM of Lanarkshire Middle Ward.

Bro. William Grant, Substitute Provincial Grand Master.

The ceremony can be viewed at the following link:



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