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Highlights of the Provincial Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication, Friday 9 February 2024.

It is my pleasure as Provincial Grand Secretary, to present the highlights of the recent Quarterly Communication of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire which was held at the Masonic Temple, Portland Street, Troon on Friday, 9 February 2024.

The event, chaired by Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother James Bell, featured important recognitions, memorials, and charitable initiatives, and was well attended by brethren from around the province. Also in attendance was the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Kilwinning, Bro. Tom Wood

Honorary Grand Rank presentations were conferred upon Bro. Thomas William Connell (PM 1398) as Honorary Grand Architect, and Bro. Joe Timmins (PM 201) as Honorary Assistant Grand Secretary.

Passports were awarded to five brethren who had visited every lodge in the Province:

Bro. Douglas Lancaster (PM) and Bro. Eddie Browett (MM) both from Lodge No. 86, Bro. Cameron Semple and Bro. Ronnie King (WJW) both from Lodge No. 971, and Bro. Charlie Calder (PM) from Lodge No 1398.


The Provincial Grand Lodge paid respects to several departed members, including PPG Secretary Bro. John Hay, PPGSW Bro. John Thomson, M Bro. Ralph McMorland No198, 

PM Bro. John Boyd No. 230, PM Bro Robert McBride No. 1662,  and Bro. Alexander (Sandy) Shearer No. 157.

A solemn remembrance service with hymns and prayer was led by Provincial Grand Chaplain Bro. Rev. Stephen Clipston in memory of these beloved brethren who will be missed by all.

Charitable Contributions

The Lodge demonstrated its commitment to community welfare through significant donations to local charities which are to be officially presented at the forthcoming Masters Dinner in April.

Financial Reports

Treasurer Bro. Neil K. Mitchell presented a detailed financial report, covering various funds and emphasising the healthy state of the Provincial Grand Lodge's finances.

Fundraising Initiatives

SPGM Bro. John Muir outlined various fundraising activities and encouraged increased involvement for future events including golf, bowling, fishing, quiz night and various new fund raising initiatives.

SPGM Bro. William Grant also outlined progress with the Teddies for Loving Care appeal that has been a great success supporting sick children in the local hospitals.

Ayrshire Young Masons

Chair Bro. Tom Lynch reported on the growth and activities of the Ayrshire Young Masons, highlighting their contributions and upcoming events including a sponsored walk, a Ben Nevis fund raiser walk for RNLI, and an educational visit to the Grand Lodge of Scotland.



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