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An association of Freemasons in the Province of Ayrshire - for members aged 44 years and under.

To promote active participation by members in the full scope of Freemasonry, by organising events that encourage all young Freemasons of Ayrshire* to meet, socialise and help build a positive future for our beloved Craft.

*We continue to work closely with the neighbouring Province of Kilwinning therefore Brethren of the Mother Lodge of Scotland (Lodge Mother Kilwinning No.0) meeting the eligibility criteria, can join AYM and enjoy the same opportunities afforded to the members of the 44 Ayrshire Lodges.

We organise activities for Young Freemasons within three distinct categories;


Social - Social events include going for drinks, and organising full-blown suppers or activity / entertainment nights.  We also encourage members to visit other Ayrshire Lodges, as a way of meeting with fellow members in the own Lodges, and socialising afterwards. 

Educational - Lectures are a useful tool to help strengthen members knowledge and understanding of Masonic subjects - these are organised regularly throughout the year.  We are helping to create mentorship programmes, so that Brethren benefit from support / advise from experienced members of our fraternity, as the progress through their Masonic journey. 

Charitable - Charity is one of the fundamental teachings of Freemasonry. Therefore, the AYM association will work hard to raise funds in order to disperse to charities and deserving causes within our local communities- Freemasonry can play its part in building community, and re-introducing The Craft to the wider world, in a positive and exciting way!

Membership and Enquiries

To join the Ayrshire Young Masons, or if you have an enquiry, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Thank you!

By what authority do we act?

Ayrshire Young Masons is fully endorsed by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire.  It necessarily follows that we act in accordance with the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland and the Bye Laws of the The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire. 

The association is centrally organised and run by a committee of members that were elected into those positions by the entire membership. 

The offices of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and several other members are elected to the committee. 

See below for current office bearers.

President of the Ayrshire Young Masons

The Provincial Grand Master

Bro. William C. Steel


Ayrshire Young Masons Elected Committee / Trustees


William J. Rowan

Member of Lodge St. Thomas (Kilwinning) Dalmellington, No. 433. He has been a Freemason for over 13 years, having been proposed into the order as a ‘Lewis’ by his Father and Grandfather. He currently holds the office of Junior Warden in the Lodge and is very excited by his journey towards The Chair of his Mother Lodge.

Will’s passion in Freemasonry centres round esotericism, self-learning and teaching others, which includes ritual work in the Lodge. He believes that the lessons taught in each of our degrees in Freemasonry have fundamental implications for life and can be duly applied to his life everyday.

Brother Rowan feels the AYM can be summed up by the following; Charity, advancement of knowledge and being ‘on the level’ with everyone.

Brian Gibson.png

Vice Chairman

Gary Waite

Member of Lodge Dalry Blair 290, current Junior Warden.

Freemasonry has helped me grow as an individual and developed me into a person that is no longer nervous about speaking in public

I joined to meet new friends and become a member of something that is a big part of my local community.

I am currently an Internal Auditor for one of the world’s biggest insurance brokers.

In five years I hope to have added value and knowledge to my own Mother Lodge and also to the younger Brethren.

Brian Gibson.png


Scott Whitelaw

Member of Lodge St Thomas (Kil) Dalmellington 433.

I am proud to assist with the formation of the Ayrshire Young Masons.

I joined Freemasonry after attending and enjoying the company at Dalmellington’s Burns suppers over many years, and out of curiosity to learn about Freemasonry.

I am a bricklayer to trade but over the last 10 years I have become more involved in lime and stone masonry, restoration and rebuilding of historic buildings. Making sure the past has a future.

In five years I hope to see myself more involved in my Mother Lodge and also holding office .

Brian Gibson.png


Jason Cairns

Member of Lodge Prestwick 1060.

Freemasonry has given me the confidence to visit other Lodges all over the world and by doing this I feel very humble and grateful.

I joined to learn about the Craft and make new friends.

I am currently a Staff Sergeant in the Royal Military Police.

In five years I will hopefully be promoted in both work and within the Lodge.

My aim is to take up an Office position when I stop moving around so much with assignments.

Brian Gibson.png

PGLA Executive Committee Member

Liam Stewart

Provincial Grand Junior Deacon, and Member of Provincial Grand Committee.

Past Master of Lodge St. Peter, No. 331 (2010-12)

Current Master of Lodge Stinchar Valley, No. 1705.

A keen and experienced ritualist, learning from Father and late Grandfather [both PMs of 331].

First invited to be an Installing Master at the age of 27 and installed several times since.

Honorary Member of Lodges; 133, 169 and 505.

Liam is excited about the development of AYM, and hopes to see Lodges flourish with young, vibrant and hard- working masons – ‘strong Lodges; leads to strong Provinces; leads to a strong and sustainable Craft!’

Brian Gibson.png

PGLA Executive Committee Member

Brian T. Gibson

Provincial Grand Marshal

Provincial Grand Committee member

P.M of Lodge St John R.A. Saltcoats & Ardrossan 320 

Currently W.S.W of Lodge St

John R.A Salcoats & Ardrossan 320

Brian is passionate about the origins of Freemasonry and educating new Freemasons about what Freemasonry is and how it can sustain itself. The Ayrshire Young Masons are certainly keeping Freemasonry in Ayrshire alive.

Brian feels privileged to have been asked to be included as one of the first members of Ayrshire Young Masons

Brian Gibson.png
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